Organizational Behaviour by VSP Rao and others

Organizational Behaviour

By VSP Rao and others

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Details on Organizational Behaviour

Successful companies are known by what they achieve rather than what they have. You may have everything but still remain at the bottom of the corporate ladder if you do not convert your strengths into opportunities and do not put your resources to best use. Companies that have been able to understand the dynamics of human behaviour and have used that power to build want-satisfying products and services have a great story to tell. This book tries to highlight the time-tested principles of human behaviour in a simple and easy-to-understand style. Wherever necessary, practical aspects of organisational life have been highlighted. Live corporate examples have been inserted to enrich the contents. The ethical and moral issues, surrounding human behaviour, have also been critically examined. Highlights of the Book Learning objectives: Each chapter begins with a clear statement of its learning objectives, providing an overview of what is to come. This would help students to focus and prepare for what follows in the chapter. Textual matter: The book contains 23 chapters with research based text. OB's scientific underpinnings are explained at relevant spots in the book. Case studies: At the end of each chapter, case studies have been given to reinforce the chapter concept through real-world application. Contemporary examples: Unlike other texts, there is a conscious attempt to crack the theoretical mystery surrounding complex topics through contemporary examples. Newspaper clippings, journalistic viewpoints and scholastic opinions have also been used liberally to make the presentation more lively and interesting. Inspiring stories of corporate leaders who fought their way through corporate jungle have been included to enrich the contents and also to implore students to follow those indelible footprints on the sands of time . Charts, boxes, tables: Study aids such as figures, charts, tables, boxes have been used in abundant measure in order to present the contents in a capsule form. Skill building exercises: Each chapter concludes with interesting, thought-provoking, highly useful skill-building exercises. Chapter recap: Each chapter ends with a summary of important points that students should retain. References: Each chapter is well-supported by carefully chosen references in the form of articles, books, research reports, newspaper commentaries, magazine articles, downloads from company websites for the benefit of readers. This book presents a balanced and integrated view of the subject reflecting various themes and viewpoints that have gained currency in recent times in a dispassionate



VSP Rao and others


Konark\ Publishers

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Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour is a Coursebook for eighth semester students of mechanical engineering branch

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