Financial Management: Theory & Practice- by Prasanna Chandra,

Financial Management: Theory & Practice-

By Prasanna Chandra,

Publisher: Tata\ McGraw Hill,

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Details on Financial Management: Theory & Practice-

This new edition of this well accepted text-cum-reference book on financial management presents the central theme and concerns of corporate finance and strategic financial management. Integrating the latest changes in the Indian financial system, the book captures a well rounded description of tax and regulatory framework, various issues in financial management and a discussion of financial management practices with adequate treatment of analytical tools.Book Features:A new chapter on 'Behavioural FinanceUpdated and expanded regulatory framework and financial management practicesNew sections and appendicesTable of Contents:Part I: IntroductionFinancial Management: An OverviewThe Financial SystemPart II: Financial Analysis and PlanningFinancial Statements, Taxes and Cash FlowAnalysis of Financial StatementsFinancial Planning and ForecastingPart III: Fundamental Valuation ConceptsThe Time Value of MoneyValuation of Bonds and StocksRisk and ReturnRisk and Return: Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models10. Options and Their ValuationPart IV: Capital BudgetingTechniques of Capital BudgetingEstimation of Project Cash FlowsRisk Analysis in Capital BudgetingThe Cost of CapitalCapital Budgeting: ExtensionsPart V: Long Term FinancingMarket Efficiency and Financing DecisionsSources of Long Term FinanceRaising Long Term FinancePart VI: Capital Structure and Dividend DecisionsCapital Structure and Firm ValueCapital Structure DecisionDividend Policy and Firm ValueDividend DecisionPart VII: Working Capital ManagementWorking Capital PolicyCash and Liquidity ManagementCredit ManagementInventory ManagementWorking Capital FinancingWorking Capital Management: ExtensionsPart VIII: Debt and Hybrid FinancingDebt Analysis and ManagementLeasing, Hire-Purchase and Project FinanceHybrid FinancingPart IX: Corporate Valuation, Restructuring and 753Value CreationCorporate ValuationValue Based ManagementMergers, Acquisitions and RestructuringCorporate Governance and Executive CompensationPerformance Measurement and Balanced ScorecardPart X: Special TopicsInternational Financial ManagementFinancial Management in Sick UnitsFinancial Management in Companies with Special CharacteristicsCorporate Risk ManagementBehavioural FinanceThe State of Our Knowledge



Prasanna Chandra,


Tata\ McGraw Hill,

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Financial Management: Theory & Practice-

Financial Management: Theory & Practice-

Financial Management: Theory & Practice- is a textbook for second semester students of Infrastructure Management branch.

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