Electronic Devices and Circuits by Anil K Maini, Varsha Agarwal

Electronic Devices and Circuits

By Anil K Maini, Varsha Agarwal

Publisher: Wiley

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Details on Electronic Devices and Circuits

The book comprehensively covers fundamentals, operational aspects and applications of discrete semiconductor devices such as diodes, bipolar transistors, field effect transistors, unijunction transistors, and thyristors and optoelectronic devices in the discrete devices category and detail explanation of operational amplifiers is covered in the linear integrated circuits category. The text is written in a lucid style and uses reader-friendly language. The layout of the text is very methodical with sections and sub-sections, making reading easy and interesting from beginning to end of each chapter. Each chapter concludes in a comprehensive self-evaluation exercise comprising objective-type questions (with answers), review questions and numerical problems (with answers). The text has sufficient worked problems, design examples, review questions and self-evaluation exercises for each chapter Adequate study material and self-evaluation exercises are included to help students in both conventional and competitive exams.\ About The Book: Understanding basic operational and applications of electronic devices is fundamental in understanding the functional and design aspects of electronics techniques, sub-system or system irrespective of whether it is analog or digital. The study of electronics devices and circuits is essential since majority of electronics systems have both analog and digital content. Though present day electronics is dominated by linear and digital integrated circuits, the importance of discrete devices cannot be undervalued as they continue to be used in large numbers in a variety of electronic circuits. In addition, understanding operational basics of these devices makes it easier to understand more complex integrated circuits. This textbook covers electronic devices and circuits in entirety, for undergraduate and graduate level courses. This study is pertinent for students of electronics, electrical, communication, instrumentation and control, information technology and even computer science engineerin



Anil K Maini, Varsha Agarwal



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Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electronic Devices and Circuits is a Coursebook for the third semester students of Information Science and engineering branch

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