Delivery and Shipping

For issues regarding the shipping or delivery of your goods, there are a few simple procedures to follow such that you are not inconvenienced. Issues regarding this include:

- The order not being shipped

- Wanting to know the status of your shipment

- A courier being showed as ‘delivered’

- Requiring the schedule of the delivery

- Shipping goods to multiple addresses

For issues that fall under this category, you can use the links provided under ‘My Account’ on our website. Some useful links for basic tracking functions and knowledge of the whereabouts of your products can be found under the ‘Tracking Order’ function provided here. Please understand that getting products to you in a timely fashion is our primary function and goal. We do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

If the track order tab does not give you sufficient data, visit our ‘Support’ tab to get in touch with a trained executive today.

For refunds and other such schemes, kindly visit the refund and replacement sections.

Cancelling or Modifying an Order

We have an extensive section on the policies surrounding this procedure. For goods that we deliver, but are either

- The wrong number of goods,

- Defective,

- Damaged, or

- Quite different from whatever description the merchant has provided,

Do not worry. Our Return policy protects the buyer, so that you do not feel cheated after using our website to purchase goods. Look under the Buyer Protection, Return Policy, and Cancellation Policy sections to gain more knowledge about this.


In case of failed payments and other such related issues, there is a refund policy that protects you as a buyer. Ensure that you allow us to know the exact nature of the issue you face, so that we can help you fix it at the earliest. Our refund procedure is quick and easy, so do not worry in case such an issue does come up. Just be prompt in letting us know. Our ‘Support’ page will get you directly in touch with one of our trained executives.

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