Merchant Best Practices

As a merchant to AbeRuk, there are some best practices to adhere to (as guidelines). This is important information from a seller’s point of view, because following them usually ensures that the inspection process and verification gets cleared in the first attempt. This will speed up your process from the beginning, making the sale quicker than it would be, had the guidelines not be followed.

The best practices are listed below, and we expect them to be useful to merchants willing to sell books through our website.

Detailed Information Increases Credibility

While providing us with your credentials, take time to give us your details extensively. It is important for us to know who you are, in order for us to do business with you. We would like to know your full name, what brand you work for, how long you have been in this particular industry, and what products you generally choose to sell. Photographs of your shop/ store are appreciated. Let us know your refund or return policy in advance, and be absolutely clear about such procedures. Additionally, adding the logo of your company helps build trust.

Clarity in Product Descriptions, Images and Prices is a Must

Whenever you provide information about your product, as a merchant, it should be a best practice to provide clear images (high-res, no blurred photographs), full product names, and good descriptions for the merchandise you wish to sell. This data is essential, as it is the first step of the selling process on a reseller website like AbeRuk. We need an assurance of good quality goods, and incorporating such details goes a long way in helping us select the right merchant.

Product Prices

This is a very simple requirement. When you provide us with product details, you will give so alongside a quotation from your end. Ensure that the price you quote is competitive in themarket. If your quote is higher than what is available on other websites in the market, it is unlikely that customers will pick up the material you wish to sell. Do a little research on the Internet before coming up with a price.

Clear Images

Images of products should lack any artwork or extra text. Plain single color backgrounds make it easier for a viewer to acknowledge your product. Again, stress on the importance of high resolution pictures, so that our editorial teams don’t find the products to be misleading.

SEO Listings

Consider using relevant keywords in your descriptions in order to receive more traffic from search engine users. This way, you will increase your product visibility, and therefore your chances of selling the product quickly as well. Good content in vital.

Be Clear about Return Policies and Shipping Policies

Ensure that you are clear about such policies to consumers, so that your customers start trusting you as an online merchant. This helps improve your reputation in themarket, and therefore makes future sales much easier.

Connect with Consumers

As much as possible, try and incorporate consumer satisfaction and service in your process. Engage with your clientele, so that you receive constructive as well as positive feedback. Testimonials will help you with future sales as well. Your business ethics will be available in the form of ratings online, which is why it is important to focus on quality.

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