AbeRuk does not charge merchants for signing up on their website, or for monthly subscriptions online. We do not even charge insertion fees for listings. If our team is not involved with the packing and delivery options, then we exempt merchants from being charged that fee as well.

The biggest benefit though for merchants using AbeRuk as a platform to sell is that any service charges applicable to sellers will get debited from you only after you have made a successful sale. This means that as a seller, you do not have to worry about making payments without a guarantee of first receiving payment for the books you sell.1

With regard to the payment cycle, AbeRuk follows a system where payments are made every Friday for every order that is completed by Sunday. For example, if some of your books have been sold by Sunday evening in a particular week, your payment will reach you by the Friday of the coming week. In case a consumer completes the purchase by Monday or Tuesday, you will receive your payment during the next Friday cycle. Giving out payments on one particular day simplifies the process, avoiding any possible errors.

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