How does it Work?

AbeRuk has simplified the selling process for you into four easy steps for convenience. In the most basic terms, all you have to do to make some extra income by selling your old/new books is to

  1. Upload your products on our website
  2. Get the order
  3. Fulfill the same order as per requirements, and
  4. Receive payment for the books

As a merchant selling at AbeRuk, you will have to go through a standard procedure. Follow the steps listed out below. They are very simple and systematic.

First, you will have to register yourself, or your business, as a merchant on AbeRuk. Declare your purpose by clicking on the ‘sell with us’ link provided on the site. Fill out the form that you will be directed accurately and simply hit the ‘Register as Seller through Marketplace Account’ button. This will immediately send out an update to our team, from which we will start the next part of the process.

The second stage of this involves AbeRuk to perform a mandatory background check, to verify whether the details provided to us is accurate or not. Once we have verified the integrity and credentials of the merchant, we put you on our database. You will receive an update as to when this process is complete, and will be granted access to a tool which allows you to manage your additions to the store. You will be emailed a secure login and password, which you should not share with any other individual. By logging in, you can upload and edit your catalogue with books that you wish to sell on AbeRuk.

The next step involves filling out product details. This allows us to screen products we receive, as well as update our very own database with your new entries. Please list out the merchant code provided to you at the time of verification completion. Also, include

  1. The product title
  2. Maximum retail price
  3. The price you wish to sell the book at
  4. A brief description of the product, and
  5. An image of each of the books you wish to sell etc.

This information will help us organize new entries and display them on our website in the most efficient and attractive manner. On completion of this step, you are completed with the merchant end of the transaction.

The customer finally confirms the receipt and accepts and receives the order, upon which they make their payment. The amount discussed with the merchant will be wired directly to the merchant’s bank account (as per credentials shared). The amount paid will be the sale price inputted by the merchant, AbeRuk’s service fees.

Note: Post sales, merchant need to inspect the item, pack and dispatch after attaching proper invoice with the consignment. After this is carried out, the merchant will have to update the consignment/ courier tracking number on the AbeRuk website store management tool, so that we are updated as to the status of the delivery. Currently we don’t provide fulfillment or dispatching /courier facility. Very soon we will be starting with fulfillment options.

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