Who can be a Seller?

For such a business model, it is important to understand who is eligible to provide us with books. There are multiple sources from which we acquire books, in order to provide this unique service. As of now, we have three different kinds of sources from which we build our portfolio to remain up to date with latest editions of text books and other reading material.

As we have a wide range of readers, and a quickly building list of active customers, it is important for us to have the available resources required to provide for this demand. Our primary goal is to provide readers with material at the most competitive rate, for which we manage our supply chain through the following three sources for the time being.

Used Book Retailers or Whole Sellers

Retail chains are an important source from which we gather much of what we provide. As we aim to address the requirements of a large customer group, we have tie-ups with second-hand book whole sellers as well. This way, we constantly stay on top of the latest editions of books, and any recent changes in the material provided. As a used book retailer or a whole seller, approaching us as external sellers is an extremely simple process. We assure giving you a fair rate for the merchandise you sell, provided the books fall under certain regulations. There will be a basic screening test to understand whether the books are in a good enough condition to resell. Also, we will have to discuss the necessity of those particular books at that moment. Since it is such a dynamic market, it will be easier if you contact us directly, by taking a look at our 'Contact Us' page. You will get sufficient details there, and will be put in touch with a trained executive. The process is very simple and straight forward.

Individuals Who Want to Sell Books

We encourage individuals who would like to empty their bookshelves of their old books to approach AbeRuk. Even here, there are some hygiene factors that must be looked over first, before purchasing from you. If you are coming in to sell books as an individual, and not as a business, we require you to provide us with a maximum of ten books per sale.

This is simply because our business aims at providing a second-hand books, new books and out of print books service to a large audience. For ease of indexing and adding books to our database, it is mandatory for individual sellers to provide us with at least ten books at a time. If you do find that you have a number of books in your homes which you probably will not be using again, you could make a little bit of money just selling them of to us, and in turn, helping other people have access to a richer library. However, Individual Sellers need to wait for another few weeks to sell books on AbeRuk. However they can initiate the registration process with us anytime.


While we largely focus on providing the public with a rich database of new books, used books and out of print books, curators at AbeRuk have understood the value of providing students with texts that have the latest syllabuses. Generally, old books have all the core concepts in-tact. Later editions simply look at touching these up slightly, to ensure a better reader-experience. Spelling errors will be corrected. Other minor changes will be made. Cover pages will look slightly more attractive. For this reason, we have incorporated the selling of new books with our entire model, so as to not leave out the needs of any type of student or reader.

Publishers who print and sell, or have an existing stock of new books are welcome to coordinate with us to achieve the same goal. Our target audience is any reader, for we aim to provide to this need at the most competitive rate.

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