Buyer Guides

We’ve added this section because we understand that it is more effective to look at an engaged clientele while providing a service. Since we strictly sell books, we have already narrowed our customer group down to a very precise consumer target. Using the guides will help you make informed decisions on purchases, and in turn make you feel more comfortable while using our platform.

Buy from sellers you are familiar with

Knowing whom you are buying from helps you expect the kind of product you receive, what timeline to expect, and other such details. You could get in touch with people who have used the website before, so as to find out which merchants are the most reliable. Let us also know, so that we can promote the better trusted merchants, thereby inducing a competitive nature and better quality among sellers on the platform.

Double check the descriptions with the pictures

We guide our merchants to have to-the-point, but informative descriptions for each product they sell. On top of this, as a risk-aversive measure, we have ensured that each seller uses a high-clarity and high-res image file attached to the descriptions. Ensure that you view both of these so that you know exactly what you can expect at the time of delivery.

Research on prices, takes and shipping details

We encourage you to look at competitive prices in themarket, because we are confident of how well-priced our goods are. An informed consumer always looks at other prices before making a final decision. While you do so, make sure you have an idea about how much it usually costs to ship such products, and don’t forget to add the tax quotient too. AbeRuk has all these extra costs mentioned clearly on descriptions, so that you know the exact breakdown on what you are purchasing. We want you to know that you are getting the best price for what you buy.

Check if the goods you want are in stock

Going through the whole process of updating your details and the realizing at the time of checkout that the item is not instock can be frustrating. On our website, we have ensured that you will see the availability of each item clearly. In case a particular item you want is not available, you will receive an email or a phone message letting you know when we have got it back in stock for your convenience.

Double check the delivery mechanism

Do not allow yourself the stress of not knowing when the purchased items will be delivered to you. Instead, take a look and make a note of the exact date you can expect them. These details will be provided to you by us at the time of placing the order. We want to make sure your shopping experience with us is enjoyable, and absolutely trouble-free.

Secure payment gateways

Only trustedmarket sites like AbeRuk can guarantee the safety of your transactions. None of your details are shared publicly, and all transactions are internally handled with the most care.

Confirm your order

Upon placing an order on our website, you can expect an immediate follow up email from our end, confirming your order. This will help you keep track of your transaction, and the status of the goods you have purchased on our website. Only important information about this will be sent to you. We will avoid sending unnecessary promotional messages unless you would like to be updated with the newest offers on AbeRuk. Be sure to confirm your order when you receive the email. If you have got an email about a transaction that has not been made by you, please revert back to us immediately.

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