Sunday Chor Bazaar

Coming Soon!

We have taken inspiration from the age-old Sunday Chor Bazaar concept that is part and parcel of the shopping culture of major Indian cities like Bangalore and New Delhi. The play on words refers to the jaw-dropping prices you can benefit from every Sunday!

Of course the name could be slightly misleading, but fret not! Every item we sell is original and licensed. We stick to the name however, to promote a shopping tradition that runs through our veins.

Visit our website every Sunday and see for yourself how we challenge market trends. We have some of the coolest deals at dirt cheap rates, allowing you to save incredibly, and pick up a ton of goods on a low budget! We’ll have the most popular goods for the day displayed as well, so that you know what other people are looking to buy. Don’t miss out on the craze, because after all like any chor bazaar, it’s first come – first serve!

However we will be starting Sunday Chor Bazaar soon to delight you every weekend!

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