Return Policy

Our main philosophy involves customer satisfaction to be the most important factor of any business model. As per the replacement details, in case a product that is different from what was ordered reaches you – you will receive the replacement a maximum of fifteen days after you have got the order. Also, to thank you for your patience, the shipping charges on the order will be canceled, and you will benefit from a lower total cost.

Do not worry. Our Return policy protects the buyer, so that you do not feel cheated after using our website to purchase goods.

For goods that we deliver, but are either

- The wrong number of goods,

- Defective,

- Damaged, or

- Quite different from whatever description the merchant has provided,

While we strive to provide our customers with the best service that we can, it is important to understand that we will not replace orders where the product has been changed in any way from what was delivered. Any tampering or alteration of the product will naturally cause us to cancel any claim of replacement for it. This is a strict policy we follow, and do not make exceptions. Our packaging and assessment is done internally, so we can maintain the maximum quality. Help us achieve this by providing us with constructive feedback with each order you place.


What is the time frame within which you should replace the item?

Answer - You must raise a replacement request within 24 hours of delivery and courier goods within 1 week of them being delivered to you. After the 1 week buffer period, we will not accept any goods with a replacement claim.

What is the process of replacement of an item, and how do I know what goes on?

Answer- Go to your login page on AbeRuk, and initiate the replacement procedure from the ‘my accounts’ tab under ‘orders’. Someone from our customer service team will then get in touch with you, to confirm your return. You will then have to repackage the product and add the merchant address label on the box. You can ship it yourself. Once you choose to ship it, we will refund fixed shipping charges to you. Typically, it takes anywhere between one and three weeks for the entire procedure to be complete. The exact details will be reverted back to you once we understand the nature of the issue, and the exact problem that needs to be addressed to avoid any future confusion.

How do I pack a product that needs to be couriered and exchanged?

As long as the merchandise has not been tampered with or altered, you just need to follow the basic packing instructions that we will send across to you. Add the address that you will receive from AbeRuk via email. Ensure that you have the price tag (original) along with the packaging slip in the box when you send it back to us.

Will I have to pay for the courier?

You have the option of couriering the goods back to us directly, in which case the amount will be reimbursed to your account. For these cases, full reimbursement is done only for those couriers that are under INR 100.

When will the refund or replacement take place?

It usually takes two working days for us to process the details once we receive the package from you. You will receive an email informing you as to the progress of this report and the refund will be made through online mode into your bank account.

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