Buyer Protection

Considering that we are a marketplace for books, we strive to provide you with an extremely stringent policy, so that you are protected while using the Internet as a platform to make your transactions. At AbeRuk, our goal is to provide you with a safe and easy platform on which you can buy books. Our buyer protection scheme therefore, is built on four pillars of trust, by which we offer our trust to people who would like to use our website for making transactions.

The four pillars we have built our buyer protection policy on:

Payment Security:

Since we interact with merchants on one end and buyers on another, it is important that we establish expectations on both ends. AbeRuk does not process payments to merchants on the website unless a confirmation that the goods have been received by you is reverted back to us. We allow our merchants to know this policy, so that they provide us with their best services.

Product Guarantee:

Most people tend to believe that online markets things are not clear, but at AbeRuk, our seller support group verifies each & every seller before on boarding them. We assure that the product bought on our platform are not duplicate/pirated and are best in the condition even if they are used goods.

Easy Replacement:

Another issue faced by most customers is a mix-up during logistics. In case such an issue arises, we have an extremely efficient and simple replacement policy. Since everything is documented before the transaction takes place; wrong quantities or any product defects (refer replacement policy); all of these will be eligible for replacement at the earliest.

Reliable Merchants:

Each seller has to go through the scrutiny of our seller verification team before they are mentioned as registered sellers on AbeRuk. The process involves gathering details, and a thorough background check.

Our main philosophy involves customer satisfaction to be the crux of any business model. As per the replacement details, in case a product that is different from what was ordered reaches you – you will receive the replacement a maximum of fifteen days after you have got the order.

While we strive to provide our customers with the best service that we can, it is important to understand that we will not replace orders where the product has been changed in any way from what was delivered. Any tampering or alteration of the product will disqualify it from being accepted for replacement.

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