The Story of Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons


by AbeRuk on June 9, 2016

The world cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! It’s a story that revolves around the main four noble houses, Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons and last but certainly not the least Targaryens, all of whom desire the Iron Throne and control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The story employs intense and unpredictable plot twists which change the course of the story and the journey of the characters dramatically. The series written by George R.R. Martin has many notable characters, where Deanerys Targaryen is one of the most interesting and pivotal characters.


Deanerys Targaryen always had a hard life right from the beginning. Her father and eldest brother were killed in a coup for the Iron Throne by the Baratheons, a rival noble house, and their allies. She also lost her mother right after she was born and had to cling on to her elder brother Viserys. As both the last remaining Targaryen orphans grew up, Viserys became extremely stubborn and cruel and intensely lusted for the Iron Throne. So much so that he decided to forcibly marry Deanerys to the leader of a nomadic warrior tribe called the Dothraki, in return for a few hundred soldiers.


After the marriage, she starts becoming more independent and sheds her meek and timid personality to quite an extent as she has to adapt to the nomadic hard-boiled lifestyle of the Dothraki. She soon moves out of abusive brother’s dominant shadow as she slowly earns the love and respect of Khal Drogo, her husband and the leader of the Dothraki, and his subjects. This shows the brave, kind and loving nature of Deanerys which was previously overshadowed by her brother’s cruel nature.


But things soon take a turn for the worse for her when Khal Drogo intentionally injures himself to prove his title and later succumbs to his injuries and her first born child is still born. She then asks a witch for help to bring back her husband back but the witch also exacts her revenge for her pillaged village and brings back Drogo only in body and not in mind. Deanerys then decides to end the Khal’s pain and suffering by smothering him to death with her own hands. This shows her brave and loving side. Also, this is the time when she earns the title of ’Mother of Dragons’ after she walks out unscathed by the pyre with the dragons by her side.

With her three new dragons and her remaining Dothraki followers, she goes on a new quest to win the iron throne for herself. She goes on a mission to acquire an army and a fleet of ships. She then travels to the cities of Astapor and Mereen where she is extremely saddened and enraged by the slave culture and promises to end the act of slavery in the east before making her way back to her ancestral home to reclaim the Iron throne.


Deanerys ‘Stormborn’ Targaryen over the whole journey in the books has transformed from a meek and timid teenager into one of the strongest and dominant characters. She has won many titles like The Unburnt Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and of the First Men Queen of Meereen Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea Breaker of Chains Mother of Dragons. And, like a true Targaryen, she seems to be becoming more and more ambitious, ruthless, and vengeful as the story progresses.

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